Rejuvenation Physiotherapy Clinic in Indirapuram , was formed in 2008 and is owned by practicing physical therapist. By the best physical therapist with the best post-graduate training, we have created the optimal clinical environment for patient care.

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"It may not add quantity to life, but it definitely adds quality to it."
As the name itself implies ‘PHYSIO’ means physical & ‘THERAPY’ means maneuvers, which affect in a beneficial way. It’s an upcoming branch of health sciences which deals with providing pain relief by means of physical agents.The physical energy can be used either in its primary form i.e. light, sound, heat and cold or biomechanical energy .

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Manual therapy is an advanced level of physical therapy training that includes skilled, specific hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures. Expected outcomes may include managing pain, increasing range of motion, reducing soft tissue tension, eliminating joint inflammation, increasing joint mobility, improving joint stability, restoring normal movement patterns, improving general fitness and returning to work/sport.

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We are a Private Physiotherapy Centre located in Delhi NCR, India. Our experienced and best physiotherapists in Indirapuram will provide you an accurate diagnosis & fast effective Physio solution for whole range of physical condition.

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