About Us


Rejvuvenation Physical Therapy, was formed in 2008 and is owned by practicing physical therapist. By the best physical therapist with the best post-graduate training, we have created the optimal clinical environment for patient care.

Our practice style continues to grow through the latest research, course work and clinical mentoring of other physical therapists. As you work together during your treatment, you will recognize your therapist's caring approach and skill level. We hope that your experience with our Rejuvenation clinics will be unique and allow you to meet your individual goals


Rejuvenation clinic is a specialty Neck, Back and Joint Clinic focused on Non Surgical Management of neck, back and joint pain located in indirapuram. Our team of doctors includes experts in various specialties including Manual therapy, Physiotherapy, Ergonomics etc.


The Rejuvenation approach targets complete cure of the presenting problem and not just a symptomatic relief. We believe in treating the main cause of the back or neck pain and not the symptoms such as pain or stiffness

Dr. Ankit Garg

Dr. Ankit Garg is a renowned Manual Therapist and has over 8 years of experience as a clinician. During his medical practice, Dr. Ankit Garg has treated over thousands of patients with neck, back and joint pain.

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