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Rejuvenation clinic is a specialty Neck, Back and Joint Clinic focused on Non Surgical Management of neck, back and joint pain located in indirapuram. Our team of doctors includes experts in various specialties including Manual therapy, Physiotherapy, Ergonomics etc.

The specialized Rejuvenation treatment approach is a multidisciplinary, team based treatment. It has been proven to be effective through ongoing and past studies and emerged through rigorous planning, research and efforts.


Dr. Ankit Garg is a renowned Manual Therapist and has over 8 years of experience as a clinician. During his medical practice, Dr. Ankit Garg has treated over thousands of patients with neck, back and joint pain. He realized that these patients need a very different approach – for diagnosis and treatment - than other patients and this approach itself is a specialized science.

Being an Manual Therapist himself, he could understand and apply all the modern thinking and accepted only those treatments which have scientific basis and evidence. He interacted with many Orthopedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Dieticians, Chiropractics, Osteopaths, Pain Physicians, Spine surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Ayurvedic Physicians, Yoga specialists and so on. All his study and efforts were directed towards understanding etio-pathogenesis and finding cure for musculoskeletal problems.

After his experience and understanding of all these faculties of medicine, Dr. Ankit Garg proposed “Dynamic Balance Theory” for smooth and started a unique specialized diagnostic and treatment protocol for neck, back and joint pain patients with integrative approach and the results are excellent! Almost all patients treated with this approach experienced complete relief and went back to normal routine. The approach worked not only on patients of acute or chronic neck and back pain but even for patients who were suggested surgery.

Our Approach

Rejuvenation Approach is based on this theory proposed by Dr.Ankit Garg, Founder and Medical Director, Rejuvenation Clinic. He studied thousands of patients with various types of Neck, Back and Joint pain and followed with them for years to see how their disease pattern behaves. After thorough research he came out with “Rejuvenation Approach”.

Functional Dynamic Balance – Theory proposed by Dr Garg believes that Working of Human Body is a fine balance (Chemical – Mechanical – Functional – Psychological) between following important four systems. This balance is dynamic – that is any real time disturbance in other system is immediately responded by changes in another system.

1. Myofascial System (Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons etc)
2. Skeletal System (Bones, Vertebra and Joints)
3. Nervous System (Includes Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves etc)
4. Metabolic System (Vitamins, Hormones, Digestive Cycle etc)

Myofascial system – The first system to be affected by daily stresses is the myofascial system which includes muscles, ligaments and tendons. With myofascial strain over a period of time few groups of muscles tighten and few groups become flaccid. These changes create an imbalance in body alignment. The next system to be affected is the Skeletal System

Skeletal System – Once in position of ease the skeletal alignment starts altering and postural disturbances are evident in individuals. These occur mainly in neck and back. Next level of impairment happens with joints. E.g. Forward head posture is seen in upper body involving rounded shoulders, increased hump in upper back and neck protruding forwards. This leads to neck pain and then shoulder pain.

Nervous System – Altered signals from imbalanced muscles, tendons and ligaments forces nervous system to adopt body to this changed musculoskeletal structure. Body assumes a position of ease or maximum relaxation. Nerves might get impinged in these and cause radiating pain. The cognitive and psychological changes are also result of nervous system affection.

Metabolic changes – These changed postures have a profound effect on all internal organs such as digestive organs and hormone producing glands. Being awake late night for work, performance stress and skipping meals adds to the insult to metabolic and digestive functions. These changes do not happen overnight but are caused as an altered lifestyle and improper use of body over a long time. Common affections are constipation, acidity, vitamin deficiencies, hypertension, DM and cholesterol increase etc.

Any disturbance in any one of the above will create imbalance in harmonious body function to give rise to disease which will affect either joints or spine or other organs. If ignored for long, eventually all the four systems explained will get affected and result is continuous cycle of pain and dysfunction. At this stage, even if you treat one of the system / problem, the relief will be partial and temporary because dysfunction cycle will re-establish and pain will reappear. These patients, if not diagnosed properly – keep moving from one doctor to another, one therapy to another and their journey is endless! They keep on doing multiple investigations and treatments in hope to get a relief. The key in treating such musculoskeletal pains and dysfunctions is detailed and proper diagnosis and then intervention at multiple systems through integrative and multidisciplinary approach.

Rejuvenation Approach Stages:

1. The foremost in it is “Detailed History Taking” – half of diagnosis is always prompted by history told by patient about the illness. Physician should be good listener and understand and connect the dots from various history points told by patient. Physician also asks questions if needed to know more about the start and progression of problem. Sometimes near ones of patients also play important role in giving relevant history points.

2. Secondly proper “Systematic Clinical Examination” is vital for diagnosis. Body always gives signals about the condition it is in – physician should have known these signals to see and notice them! Mind should know what eyes have to see! After proper clinical examination (Inspection, Palpation, Systemic Examination, Neurological Examination etc) physician goes ahead with judicial use of modern diagnostics

3. Investigations are used based on condition patient is suffering from and what all investigations have been done already, such as X-ray, MRI, and Laboratory Tests etc. Investigations do not diagnose but help as adjuvant for diagnosis.

4. The Treatment is targeted at various systemic levels discussed, with the help of various therapies such as Orthopedic Injections, Physiotherapy, Ergonomics, and Complementary (Alternative Medicinal) Therapies etc. Rejuvenation believes in Integrative and Multidisciplinary treatments. Integrative is combining traditional medicine such as Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga along with modern sciences such as physiotherapy and ergonomics.

5.Continuation is another important aspect in wholesome treatment plan. Most of the musculoskeletal ailments need long term exercise schedule and lifestyle modification. So, we insist on these aspects whenever patient is treated with rejuvenation Approach.

The rejuvenation approach is based on active involvement of the patient in her/his treatment. Rejuvenation concentrates on the complete cure of your problems and not just temporary measures.

The Rejuvenation treatment provides consistent treatment through standardized processes yet our caregivers are tuned to individual needs and design the treatment plan that is customized to the individual. Our Philosophy is to provide lasting relief from chronic neck, back and joint pain, restore the spinal function, activity level, and personal independence of our patients through the scientific evidence based non operative treatment.

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