Why to see us?

You should see us for:

• Any pain, discomfort or disability relating to spine or joints.
• Musculoskeletal Disorders because of computer overuse (Repetitive Strain Injuries)
• Degenerative conditions like arthritis and spondylosis.
• Pain, tingling or weakness relating to spine (pain travelling down your arm or leg), sciatica
• Any pre-diagnosed or chronic spine or joint condition.
• Conditions with indirect effect on spine like osteoporosis and diabetes.
• Stress management and inability to focus and concentrate at work because of body pain.
• Preventive and ergonomic advice
• Any back, neck or joint problem where you would like to explore non surgical modality of management
• Any injuries like sprains, strains and fractures involving spine or joints.
• Need second opinion on spinal or joint disease

If you're caught in a cycle of recurring back or neck pain, endless appointments, repetitive investigations and ineffective treatments and unmet promises; we request you to visit us once to experience Rejuvenation. Our unique approach to evaluating and treating chronic back and neck and joints pain is certified and proven. The treatment plan is evidence based, non-surgical and makes use of the most modern practices.

Our team has only one goal: to make you pain free and to return you to normal activities as quickly as possible giving you power to keep your spine healthy thorough out your lifetime. As everyone knows Spine is a back bone for our body and is also linked to mind and soul. Spine health is a crucial aspect of your overall health; moreover spine health affects performance and productivity at work.

The Rejuvenation approach targets complete cure of the presenting problem and not just a symptomatic relief. We believe in treating the main cause of the back or neck pain and not the symptoms such as pain or stiffness

Our focus is never on prescribing pain killer medicines or putting patients under knife. Following this basic tenet, we practice a rigorous and in depth evaluation and assessment to understand the root cause of your problem (Which is a key for deciding the individualized treatment protocol).

Patient do not have to run around for different therapies and searching for doctors since we have made everything available under one roof in Rejuvenation Clinic. Spine health in India is a poorly understood and extremely fragmented area of expertise. Rejuvenation has overcome both these hurdles by combining the learning from all major branches of medicine and therapy and devising a precise, scientific and evidence based approach to spine health.

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